Bancos e seguradoras em constante evolução

Banks and Insurance Companies in constant evolution

The financial market, particularly banks and insurance companies, has been challenged in a variety of ways. These entities are faced with daily changing reality, whether due to technological innovations, new imposed regulation or even different levels of demand from their customers. This means they face a very challenging need of balance between proposed experience and competitiveness.

We live in a time where access to information is immediate, but that is no longer enough. For the user to access its information from any point in place or time is already normal, at the moment the challenge is that this information is structured and presented in an appealing way, and that preferably takes into account each user particularities.

Nowadays 200 million emails are sent every minute, this generation will spend more than 10% of their lives on social networks. There are over 3.6 billion Internet users, corresponding to 47% of the world’s population. This means that this number has doubled since 2000, when it was approximately 1.7 billion. Not to mention that we have already been able to access 3G via the peak of Mount Everest.

We are definitely living what we can call a digital era and effectively everything has to be accessible from everywhere. But the above figures have also created another reality: the lack of security and reliability of the information that we find whenever we “sail” through the Internet.

Contisystems is well aware of these realities and therefore has developed the necessary skills that allow us to present products and services prepared to face this new reality with total peace of mind.

Due to our history in the area of Banking and Insurance, we understand and have a vast knowledge about the computer systems present in most of these companies. This knowledge allows us to advise and develop the skills of our customers, for the new era of technology in which we live.

For us at Contisystems, this evolution has a name – DOHS (Digital Objects Handling System). DOHS is our platform that allows the transition from a legacy era to the true digital era. The goal of DOHS is not simply to migrate between platforms, but rather the integration between two realities, allowing to take the greatest advantages of each one of them, creating the ability to:

  • Optimize your documents;
  • Segment your communications;
  • Access all your information and documentation in real time;
  • Communicate with your customers through the latest documentation distribution technologies.

Here are some of the reasons why Contisystems is the company to think about when considering improving communication with Clients:

  • The security we offer with the most demanding certifications in the market;
  • The reliability of the information, guaranteed by our solution that respects all the market best practices;
  • There is no need to change the systems that support our customers’ business, reducing any impact on the organization or the costs of a global technological evolution;
  • The information to be shared or disclosed in fully controlled by our client;
  • A dedicated team with a “make it happen” attitude.
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