mailroom service

Being in the office is no longer the rule… is it for you?

Nowadays, due to the context we live in, remote work has emptied offices and made them just an address. These addresses, no matter how much the opposite is communicated, end up being the destination of important communications, such as invoices, checks, complaints, etc. Collecting this mail occasionally delays its handling, forwarding and accumulates outstanding issues which can often mean delaying revenue entry and multiplying costs.

What can we do to help?

This is why at Contisystems we considered that this should be the time to eliminate this operational constraint for companies and provide a mailroom management service. This service means we will collect your physical mail and forward it digitally.

But that’s not all, we don’t want our customers to stay as they used to, we want them to take this opportunity to organize and optimize the way they integrate, in their systems, the documents and information that arrives by mail, not only physical but also digital.

What is this service?

This service goes beyond eliminating the concern of managing physical mail, it also allows the extraction of associated metadata and the creation of an easily searchable file available via API that can be easily integrated with your CRM. And it does not only do this for digitized physical mail, but also for all digital documentation that is “loose” from the systems and that is therefore not integrated and used, as is the case of emails dispersed in the account managers’ mailboxes.

Learn more about our digital mailroom service here.

What is the supporting technology?

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NPL (Natural Processing Language) technology, we will identify the type of document to understand the flow that must be followed. From there, using automated processes (RPA – Robotic Process Automation), information and communication follow their flow as well as integrating a centralized database. In this database, the communication or the document, the extracted metadata that are associated, as well as the routing that was given (log) are stored.

All information is valuable as long as it is available and actionable, organize your information and maximize its value.

This is just one of the use cases that can be assembled from our modular CCM platform. Get to know this whole universe here.

Count on us to streamline your operation in these difficult days. Don’t just stay as before, become stronger and more useful and for your customers.


We ensure that all the information will be forwarded at the right time,
in the right format, to the right person