Cartões para todos os tamanhos e feitios

Cards of all colors and shapes

Although immediately associated with payments and banking, cards are nowadays used by different types of companies for payment, identification, or even for loyalty purposes.

Any wallet is now packed with several cards, not to mention those who stay at home since they no longer prove to be useful. However, the card remains an extremely important physical element for materializing the association with a brand or a company.

In this context, the care and consideration when choosing a card that will materialize a brand or a company must be reinforced. In addition to reflecting brand values and being its extension to the physical world, it must differentiate itself from the competition in order to have literal “share of wallet” and be effectively used.

Cards are manufactured in a wide variety of materials and styles, so it is possible to choose the ideal card for payment, identification, loyalty, access or even offers. The range of materials, shapes, styles, colors and / or finishes is so high that the choice has to be done according to the intended end result and impact that it is intended to reach the end user.

Here are some ideas of variables than can be considered while choosing a card:

Standard Identification Cards

Standard ID cards are made of durable and flexible PVC plastic. These cards are used for all applications and are available in various sizes and colors.

BioPVC Cards

BioPVC cards are an environmentally friendly option made from completely biodegradable material. This type of material offers the same photo quality, durability and flexibility of a standard PVC card with less impact to the environment.

Recycled PVC Cards

Recycled PVC cards are another green alternative to traditional PVC cards as they are made from recycled plastic. The recycled PVC material is comparable to the standard PVC in durability, flexibility and print quality.

Re-writable ID cards

Re-writable ID cards are made of a heat-sensitive material that can be printed, erased and reprinted up to 500 times. These cards require an ID card printer with a rewritable print mode. Because rewritable cards can be printed only in monochrome or black blue, they are ideal for business cards designs with plain text or graphics.

PVC Cards with sticker on the back

These are PVC cards with a strong Mylar adhesive. Usually, they are attached to concatenated proximity cards or other technology cards that cannot go through an ID card printer.

PVC / Poly Composite Cards

PVC / Poly compound cards are recommended for cards that will be laminated. Its special materials can withstand the highest heat and resist warpage during the lamination process.

UV ink cards

In the process of manufacturing these types of cards a UV paint is applied in order to react with the black light.

Transparency cards

These cards are produced in a way that allows to see through them, thus allowing a combination with branding elements and a visual image with a big impact.

PVC Cards with Metallic Foil

Cards with produced with sheet metal that gives them a high quality metallic look.

Textured Cards

These are cards that, in its the manufacturing process is applied texture to reinforce the senses, namely visual image and the sensitivity to the touch.

Perfume Cards

Cards in which microcapsules with a lasting essence are included. It allows to emphasize the attention to the card and allows a greater connection to the brand since there are numerous essences that can be used.

Cards with RFID, Chip and Magnetic Stripe Technology

The products range and combinations of a PVC card with RFID, Chip and Magnetic Stripe technology is very extensive, each technology can be inserted according to the intended purpose of use.

In addition to these options and combinations of technologies, materials, scents, colors and textures, it is also possible to apply cutouts, color the edges or apply 3D effects to the card. Contisystems not only provides the personalization service but also gives all the support to its customers in defining the ideal card for each scenario.

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