Gestão de Comunicação dos Clientes

CCM of Excellence

The new focus of the CCM team is the adaptation of the current printing workflows of our Customers.

The goal is that, through our personalisation software and the new printing equipment, we can offer our customer a service of excellence in print quality as well as another level of intelligence in the way the document is prepared and presented to the final Customer.

In this manner, we are able to surprise our Customers and allow them to distance themselves from the technological legacy of the past, which limited and constrained them in terms of a more technological approach in their communication that they wish to adopt.

In recent years, Contisystems has developed solutions for interpreting, manipulating, processing and formatting documents as well as making these available.

We consider this to be the moment, in which all our efforts are reflected in the printing by associating the new printing technology acquired by Contisystems to our digital solution, thus enabling the delivery of a service of excellence to our Customers.

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