Parceria Contisystems e LOQR

Contisystems and LOQR streamline and accelerate digital transformation in companies

Last July 3rd we signed a partnership with LOQR which aims to support, streamline and deliver digital solutions, fully adjusted to the needs of organizations and the digital journeys of your customers, in total security and compliance with regulation.

In these challenging times, many sectors have been investing in digital transformation. The prospects for growth in the digitization of processes in organizations are encouraging and involve not only the adoption of technology, but also profound changes in business models, processes and relationships. The evident effort associated with this whole process assumes, in addition to commitment, a deep knowledge of technology that starts to take a strategic and central role within organizations. And that is why it is essential to have the best partners; technological companies that have at their core all the knowledge and the appropriate cutting-edge technology to respond in record time and efficiently to all these challenges in an articulated manner.

We believe that in the B2B market there must be an effort to offer agile, specialized and the most complete solutions possible. But more than that, we consider that the management and integration of several products effort should not be the responsibility of our customers, but, whenever possible, ensured by the suppliers, so that each one can focus on what they do best. With our solutions, we aim to prevent our customers from having complex information management architectures, application silos and IT and project management teams focused on maintaining this multiplicity of systems. We believe that, in order to provide our customers with the excellent service we propose, it is absolutely vital to establish partnerships that allow us to quickly present more complete products. This will minimize the need to hire additional suppliers and consequent coordination of activities, allowing customers our customers to focus on creating opportunities and improving or introducing new systems.

And that is precisely why we believe in a joint value proposition by LOQR and Contisystems. Through this partnership we intend to complement our customer communication management, payment and printing solutions with LOQR’s onboarding, digital document signature, strong authentication and customer data updates solutions.

Let us highlight some possible examples of joint offer:

  • Certification of email contacts or phone number
  • Online service subscription process
  • Acceptance of changes to terms of conditions
  • Alteration / validation of personal data

From this moment on, we are available to present a joint offer, and companies can benefit from pre-established integrations between LOQR and Contisystems products and services.