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Contisystems Member of EFQM Leading Excellence

Logotipo EFQMIn June 2018 Contisystems became a member of the EFQM – European Foundation for Quality Management. By doing this, Contisystems now belongs to a very restricted group of 10 members in Portugal, which systematically work to achieve excellence in all its management practices.

EFQM acts as a partners’ network representing diverse entities both from public and private sector across Europe. These entities share the goal of improving and ensuring their sustainable development through the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model. Through the implementation of this model in more than 30,000 organizations throughout Europe, over its 20 years of existence, EFQM contributes to the implementation of a culture of excellence, good management practices, innovation and therefore to organizational performance improvement.

The EFQM Excellence Model is based on a set of European values, which were first expressed in the European Convention on Human Rights (1953) and the European Social Charter (revised 1996). This treaty has been ratified by the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe and its principles are incorporated into national legislation. This model is based on nine criteria, which are grouped into two areas: “Means” and “Results”. The “Means” criteria cover everything a company does and how it does it. The “Results” criteria cover what a company achieves. Please see below the diagram of the Excellence Model.

Outstanding organizations reach and maintain remarkable levels of performance that meet and exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders. Through the establishment of this partnership with EFQM, Contisystems intends to create the necessary bases for the implementation of EFQM’s Excellence Model in the Company.

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