contisystems self-service portal

Contisystems Self-Service Portal

The main goal of our Customer Communications Management division is to provide its customers with greater agility and efficiency in communicating with customers.

Avoiding the management of multiple platforms to send emails, send SMS, or those of communication with support systems, is just one of the simplification points of the process. The use of a tool that is easily integrated with the existing IT architecture is another point. In fact, we believe that we have always given our customers a quick response that allowed them to communicate with their customers in the best way, delivering the most appropriate communications to each of customer by using his or her preferred contact channel, and with reduced effort in terms of resources and investment.

Now we have taken another step forward. In addition to all of the above, we offer our customers the Contisystems Self-Service Portal. In this portal, the customer gains autonomy, without the need for technical training, in the generation, management and editing of content of campaigns, both transactional as well as commercial. With this portal customers gain control by having access to operational and business dashboards. And all this in a portal where you find flexibility, because it is easily adjustable to any market reality or Information systems.

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