The testimonials of our Customers.

Since Edenred is a company that focuses on the security and reliability of its solutions, these are values ​​that we also look for in the partners we work with and that we found at Contisystems.
More than providing a service, a synergy has been created that has added value to Edenred’s operations. This can be seen, for example, in a constant proactivity in proposing new solutions to respond to our challenges.
It is thanks to this attentive and efficient follow-up that we entrust Contisystems with issuing our benefits in card format and, in particular, the personalization of meal cards for some customers.
We recently joined MERECE, a movement that aims to reduce the environmental impact of electronic cards through their ecologically responsible treatment. This was a natural step for Edenred which, since its inception, has been strongly committed to preserving the planet.

Ricardo Rosa

Contisystems is one of the main partners in the issuance area, guaranteeing not only the production of cards but also a high level of service in the personalization and dispatch of cards to our Customers. The challenges we pose are answered with total delivery, thus following our objective of innovating and following market trends.

The total availability of Contisystems, which means finding solutions and not showing problems, is one of the factors that makes us consider Contisystems a partner and not just a supplier.

Jorge Santos

At Banco CTT we continually seek to be more agile and efficient in our operation and that is why we consulted Contisystems for the bank card personalization service.

More than a supplier, we find in Contisystems a partner, willing to contribute to our success, consistently presenting relevant proposals for different projects. Among them is MERECE, the recycling movement that we proudly joined to give an ecologically responsible end of life to unused cards, and which is very much in line with our sustainability strategy and promotion of the circular economy.

We will count on Contisystems to accompany Banco CTT in the search for greater efficiency, both operational and from an environmental point of view.

Rita Fernandes
Banco CTT

Santander has been working with Contisystems for many years. It started with the printing and dispatch of statements and letters, and was considered the right supplier to produce and customize our cards as the bank did not want to have just one supplier of this service.

Since then, Contisystems has been a Santander partner , complying with service levels and being always available for any additional need we may have.

Recently, in line with the bank’s global strategy, we have simplified our cards offer and changed their images. Contisystems accompanied us in this process in an agile and fast way, helping us to meet the deadlines and goals.

Additionally, and because the cards are already biodegradable, it added value with the MERECE project, to which Santander joined without hesitation.

We have a very close follow-up and whenever we need we can count on everyone from the team.

We feel that Contisystems is very concerned about following the market, transforming and innovating, in line with Santander’s strategy.

Catarina Mendes Silva

Within the scope of Una Seguros’ technological transformation program, the transformation of the company’s processes has been a constant concern. This includes ending paper work and digitizing all work processes in an insurance policy life cycle, including the incidents management process.

In order to follow this path, we found in Contisystems a strategic partner with extensive experience in various business areas, that has helped us in the construction of new information dispatch processes for our customers.

The new work process is therefore working, already in line with Una Seguros’ new core system, based on an automated process and without human intervention. At the end of the first 6 months of production, the results are in accordance with the defined objectives, with high levels of quality and respecting the defined SLA’s.

At the level of the implementation project, all stipulated deadlines were respected, managing to map the various inputs into production mode with the implementations at Contisystems.

Pedro Peleja
Una Seguros

We have an excellent relationship with Contisystems. Usually we make several requests for graphic execution, always obtaining a quality response and complying with deadlines.

In addition to a supplier, we consider Contisystems as a business partner, always having the appropriate response to our needs, as well as excellence in the follow-up of the commercial process, with flexibility both in the course and at the end of production/execution.

This allows us to face the launch of new services with tranquility and give due attention to what matters the most, our customers.

Nuno Lourenço - TDGI

Nuno Lourenço

The whole implementation process received great support and help from the entire Contisystems team, which has always demonstrated flexibility towards changes in the statements, avoiding numerous bureaucracies and allowing the project to move forward quickly.

The partnership with Contisystems is clearly a positive one. In these four years of activity, plus one year for the project, we have achieved all the proposed objectives and consolidated the operational area (and here I am talking about statements as well as cards).

Tiago Vilaverde
Sonae FS

The implementation process happened smoothly and with great professionalism.

This partnership allowed Crédito Agrícola to have more agility and efficiency in the service quality as well as a rationalization of costs which becomes an added value for our end client.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I can comfortably assign a 9, because I believe that a 10 can only be an ambition and never a reality. The relationship with Contisystems is one to maintain and develop.

António Martins
Crédito Agricola

Although we are geographically distant we have a very close relation with the team who is very proactive in managing our account. Our recurrent orders have been received on time and with high quality standards. The paper is very good (…) and the print quality consistently meets our expectation. We highly recommend Contisystems’ products and services.

Abdellatif Bennani
Tragem – Marrocos

I would like to share with you our gratitude to all the people of Contisystems who have collaborated in this project, and who, as on previous occasions, have done an exceptional job.
I hope we will have the opportunity to have your support again in upcoming big projects.

Benjamín Caro Magunacelaya