Do you already know our card design service?

In the Payment Solutions division, we have been working to expand our activities and today we can say with conviction that we are much more than a card personalizer. The latest extension of our service is further proof of this.

If we already covered the entire chain of complementary activities after the production of the card, such as the production of cardmail, direct delivery to customers, the treatment of captured cards or even the recycling of expired cards, now we want to be present even before the conceptual implementation of the card in order to ensure the entire process.

It was with this context, in order to contribute to the preparatory phase of card design, that we recently started a partnership agreement with a communication agency, with experience in bank cards design. Combining the design experience of this partner with our know-how regarding the existing possibilities in terms of materials, effects or types of customization, we can offer our customers a truly differentiating design service taking full advantage of all the options available.

Now we can also be at the beginning of the card design process, certain that we will deliver a highly added value work.

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