Duarte Conceição nomeado Personalidade Gráfica do Ano - Papies 2018

Duarte Conceição’s Nomination for Graphic Personality of the Year

Duarte Conceição, the CEO of Contisystems, was nominated for the Graphic Personality of the Year prize of the 2018 Papies. The nominations for this prize were made by professionals of the graphic industry and were followed by a public voting period, which has ended in the meantime. The results of the aforementioned votes will be revealed at the annual Papies gala, which will take place on June 6 at the Figueira da Foz Casino, and Contisystems will be present.


After Contisystems was restructured, both in terms of performance as well as in terms of management and shareholder structure, Duarte Conceição became the “steersman”, succeeding Pedro Caravana as the new CEO of the company. As he was one of the drivers of diversification as well as growth of the company, not only as a CEO but also throughout his 15 years of collaboration with the company, Duarte is certainly a personality worthy of recognition in the graphic industry.


The nomination of Duarte Conceição fills Contisystems with pride and represents yet another recognition of our company as a market reference.

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