Eco-friendly alternatives to PVC cards

We have already mentioned here that we have seen an increasing trend towards metallic cards, at least in some segments. Whether they be pure metallic cards, with their very high cost, or hybrid cards, which mix PVC with metal, a differentiation which has been sought in terms of the base material for the card.

But, in fact, metal is not the only alternative to traditional PVC. In the search for ecological solutions, institutions have increasingly sought to find materials that will allow them to express their business environmental concerns. To this end, alternatives which have already been available to suppliers for some time, but which had not yet captured the interest of customers, have begun to appear on the market. As an example, we leave you a short extract from the Press Release issued about these choices. See Press Release from CaixaBank.

In this context, and in addition to the metallic options we discussed in a previous article, here are other alternatives to PVC that can be considered:

Recycled PVC

The card made of recycled PVC may be composed of a mixture of recycled PVC with normal PVC, or it may be 100% recycled. It is compatible with the usual customisation options.


PETG is made of polyester (more precisely, thermoplastic copolyester) and not PVC. It may be 100% recycled without having any environmental impact. It behaves a lot like PVC due to its rigidity and impact resistance, and its customisation is equally simple.

PLA – Polylactide resin

This is a 0% PVC card made from plants such as corn, sugar cane, and sugar beet. Compostable under very specific conditions, it is not biodegradable in an uncontrolled environment.  It is compatible with different physical and logical customisation options.


More than 80% of the composition of these cards consists of an eco-friendly compound (Ecozen and Wood). Ecozen is made from natural materials, based on plant or vegetable extracts, and has excellent resistance and flexibility. Furthermore, the wood used is FSC certified, which makes this card extremely eco-friendly.

These are just some of the alternatives to consider when thinking about making your card more “green”. You can count on Contisystems to help you along the path towards sustainability, whether in the choice of your card, in the production of cardmails with FSC certified materials, or even with old card collection and recycling services.