Exporting to grow and learn

Exporting does not only mean growing, it means taking Portugal further, contacting other markets and getting to know different realities, products and services. And this knowledge enables us to provide the best service to both our national as well as international customers.


In the first quarter of this year Contisystems developed a set of endeavours in the external markets such as participating in international events as well as paying visits to various Customers, focusing particularly in France and in Morocco.

As an example of the type of endeavours carried out, we will share with you the most recent one which was our participation as exhibitors at the conference Africa Pay & ID Expo in Marrakech, Morocco on March 22 and 23, invited by as well as in collaboration with our local partner Gemadec. Although the main purpose was to present to the African market the “Customer Communication Management & Legal Archive” solutions, we also very actively promoted the 3 business divisions: Payment Solutions, Customer Communications Management and Printing Solutions.


As a result of this participation, we have obtained a significant set of new business opportunities in several countries. In an African market, which has proven to be quite receptive to innovative and quality solutions that enable businesses in these countries to get effective answers to the specific challenges of this geography, we have confirmed some of the trends that we already know about the national as well as the European market, particularly regarding attracting customers as well as retaining these, information security as well as storage capacity and secure management of their customers’ data.


The good results obtained through the endeavours carried out in this last quarter reinforce our conviction regarding the importance of exporting within the growth and development of Contisystems, thereby helping us achieve the goals we have set for the next coming years.


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