Contisystems é membro FEPE

We are now FEPE members. But… what is FEPE?

In order to deliver the best to our customers, in each of our product lines, it has proved essential to contact organizations and external partners with whom we can share experiences. This contact ensures us a better knowledge of the markets where we work on, of the markets we want to evaluate and the general trends of our industry.

In this context we are now members of the European Envelope Manufacturers Association (FEPE), which represents more than 100 companies directly and indirectly involved in the production of paper envelopes in Europe.


The market for paper envelopes is in a transformation time. We saw the reduction of its more conventional use, the sending of transactional documents by letter, and a large increase in the use of the envelope as a vehicle for the delivery of online orders. This and other trends deserve to be carefully monitored and discussed in a way that we can tailor our business to the needs of our customers in the most innovative and efficient way.