Fighting over the attention of the consumer

Fighting over the attention of the consumer

In an environment where everyone is located, standing out is more difficult and noise interferes with the message. However, the digital age has also brought contributions to physical communication and paper personalisation is an option worth exploring.


Nowadays, consumers are constantly being enticed by various messages sent by email, SMS, push notifications, advertising posters, television, etc. This factor, combined with a busy and hectic life, makes the attention of the consumers a very scarce commodity that is fiercely fought over by brand owners.


Within this context, the challenge is to create content that is truly relevant by using differentiated and consumer-valued channels. Personalisation of messages for segments or even for each of the recipients is increasingly becoming the solution. Sending messages with contents that are truly valued by those who will receive these makes all the difference and this applies to messages received in our email inbox, in our phone notifications as well as in the physical mailbox itself .


At a time when the focus is on the digital communication channels, it is important to think in an environment, where everyone is located, is the place where standing out becomes more difficult, where there is more noise and where the message can most likely be diluted. For this reason, many brands adopt digital means for personalisation and later for production on paper, which the consumers can feel in their hands as well as recognise textures and interact with folds. We believe that with the right content and for the right people direct mail still has a very promising future.


It is also for this reason that we have been seeing a growth in our variable data printing area or, in a broader sense, our customer communications management area. In addition to invoices, extracts and warnings, there are also valuable communications that can be digitally created and delivered to the consumer in paper format. As our mission is to be the fastest and most reliable provider of secure personalised customer communication products and services, we want to ensure that the growth of this area has no reflection on the levels of service we deliver to our customers and, for that reason, we are continuously investing to strengthen our capacity. Within this scope, a new automatic enveloping machine has been acquired that enables us to increase our capacity to 5 million envelope insertions per month.


Watch this minute-long video showing the assembly of our new machine.


[videopress ZJmYsJ3v]

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