Link to pay: Pay invoices with a simple click

With the current pace of innovation, both technological and procedural, the number of available payment methods has been increasing.

Seeking greater convenience for the end user or greater savings for the entity that invoices, the payment methods available for online purchases are usually broader and more convenient than those that are more frequently presented on an invoice, whether on paper or in a digital document.

How do you currently pay an invoice?

In most cases, entities present the following as payment options for the invoice:

  • face-to-face payment at company stores or agents (such as Payshop, for example) for segments that are more averse to payments in electronic format;
  • payment reference, with the presentation of static data, which has to be manually copied to an automatic teller machine or to netbanco applications (highly inconvenient in terms of use)
  • promotion of direct debit subscription options that are not always well received by users because they feel that they are giving “carte blanche” to the billing entity to charge whatever they want (although we know that it is possible to set limits and cancel authorizations even before they be applied)

Why don’t I have the same options as when paying for my purchases online?

Convenient options such as paying with Paypal or using a credit card are not usually available for paying invoices as they require a connection between the physical world and the digital world that did not yet exist.

Just one click, really?

Now, it is possible to access a secure interface for the payment of the invoice in a very easy and fast way.

If the invoice is printed on paper, it is possible to print a personalized QR Code that contains the data of that invoice. By reading this QR Code with a simple reader on the mobile phone, the user accesses an interface where he will find, in a very convenient way, all the payment options that the invoice issuer chooses to make available to him. Without the need for any manual typing, you can choose the desired payment method, and proceed, as if it were an online purchase:

If the invoice is sent by email or made available in a customer area, a link can be placed so that, with a simple click, the experience is forwarded to the same interface, that is:

What is Link to pay?

Link to pay is a means of payment aggregator, which integrates the different available options, in a simple and comfortable interface, accessible from a link.

Whenever the issuer deems it appropriate to remove or add payment methods, or the supplier associated with each one, they can do so without this having an impact on their customer’s payment journey.

Advantages for your company:

  • Because it’s easy and convenient, it promotes faster payments.
  • Promotes the digitization of the payment process, which makes the process less costly and greater accessibility to real-time billing information.
  • Simplified treasury management as you always have information on the status of these payments, and can easily make returns.
  • Connection to any payment gateway, the process is agnostic to acquiring conditions that can be changed at any time without impact.
  • Effortless integration with your current systems, it has APIs for everything.
  • Solution applicable to one-off or recurring payments.

Advantages for the customers:

  • Makes it possible to offer a wider range of payment options
  • Makes the process more convenient without the need to enter payment references manually
  • Makes the process safer, with no room for errors in manual entry
  • Doesn’t require any effort

What are the next steps to make your invoices easier to pay?

With the integration of this option in the document production service that we currently use with our Unicks platform, adoption is simple and fast, as are your payments.