Millions of graphic pieces on its way to France and Morocco

We started the year in the best way with millions of A4 sheets and envelopes on its way to France and Morocco. By the end of the year, we estimate that more than 100 million A4 sheets will be shipped to France just for one of our customers! Other similar projects are coming to life in France, Morocco, Spain and Belgium, so the exportation perspectives this year are very positive.

As for most SMEs in Portugal, the process of internationalization is also part of the growth path for Contisystems.

The approach of new geographical markets brings challenges resulting not only from physical issues, such as distance and specific packaging needs, but also from cultural issues such as the different product descriptions or the language itself.

In order to face these challenges and provide all our customers around the globe with an experience of excellence, we have ensured adequate transportation and also language training to our commercial and support teams.

The combination of these factors with a consistent level of high quality and on time delivery has allowed Contisystems to grow in markets as diverse as Europe and North Africa by providing quality paper and envelopes to customers in a variety of business areas such as Banking, Insurance or Telecommunications.

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