Offset Printing

Offset printing, the most used printing process in the world

The printing process nowadays called Offset is the result of an evolution of lithography, which was developed at the end of the 17th century and consisted of printing using direct contact between the paper and the matrix that contained the image , a matrix that, at that time, was a polished stone and which today is known as plate.

Initially referred to as offset lithography, the main difference was that there was no direct contact between the paper and matrix by the introduction of a new rubber-based element called blanket, which avoid “smudges” and excess ink because of its better absorption capacity.

With the strong technological development from the mid-twentieth century, it is still one of the most used printing processes in the world today , presenting as a strong point the possibility of being used in a large number of formats , including practically all types of paper, from the more basic uncoated paper such as newsprint to high quality paper such as Conqueror or heavy paperboard and also plastics, namely polystyrene.

With the main characteristic of this process being the high quality achieved, the possibility of using various types of paints in combination with the various types of support enables the creation of high perceived value pieces, both for their utility as well as their differentiation, while transmitting to the end user a unique Customer Experience through virtually all senses, with the use of colors, textures and even smells that send us to other sensations.

The products resulting from this printing process are thus present in almost everything we use in our day-to-day lives , from the packaging of the products we buy to the books we read or the tickets of the shows we see, to the bank cards we use or even in decoration elements in our homes.

Despite the appearance of new printing processes and the growth of digital communication, offset printing is still the most widely used printing process in the world and will continue to address many of our communication needs across a wide range of industries.

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