Collection and Recycling

Card collection processes and ecologically responsible treatment.

Give your cards the eco-responsible ending they deserve.

We will collect as many cards with electronic components that are not in use as possible and ensure they are sent for recycling.

For every kilo of waste collected, Merece will plant a tree with a 5-year maintenance guarantee.

Collection and
processing of captured cards

The end-to-end captured card processing service that allows banks to be faster and more efficient in this process, generating savings in card maintenance costs in Blacklist and also less dispersion of operational effort in these tasks parallel to the core of the banking activity.

  • Secure transport of cards captured in the ATM network
  • Safe storage
  • Identification of collected cards
  • Destruction with ecologically responsible treatment
  • Weekly exchange of cards held with other entities

Capture of expired cards

The design of the solution for capturing expired cards can be tailor-made for each client but typically includes the creation of a specific section, the inclusion of RSF envelopes when sending the card renewal and the creation of a communication element in the cardmail that explains the purpose of capturing that card (which may be recycling it).

  • Creation of specific PO Boxes
  • Inclusion of RSF envelopes when sending the card renewal.

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