Card Distribution

From the supply of graphic parts to the shipping of cards.

Address Validation

The customers don’t always remember to update their addresses with the bank.

Although there are processes for updating addresses, bounced mail volumes have an impact in many areas.

With this solution you can reduce operating costs, prevent errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Card on the way SMS

Notify your customers of the arrival of their new card. With this service, as soon as the new card is issued, an alert sms is automatically sent to your customer’s number.

Supply of card carrier

The way your card reaches your customer makes all the difference.

Make your card arrive in an original way, but above all, ensuring that all the necessary information clearly and securely sent. Count on us to ensure the supply of paper, printing and finishing (folding, perforations, inserts, etc.) that support your card’s delivery.

Individual shipment to end customer

We do the personalization of the card carrier (name, address, account number and other data), inserting / pasting the card, inserting additional possible items and forwarding directly to each end user, using the contracts you already have with the mail dispatchers. Alternatively, we can ensure that the shipment is contracted, incorporating this mail into our contract and additionally handling returned mail.

Batch shipment

As an alternative to sending directly to the end user, we can send the cards, in defined batches, to the company’s internal addresses (eg bank counters).

Urgent diversion

Unexpected situations may require the urgent collection of a particular card or batch of cards ordered from your normal personalization and distribution circuit. In order to face these situations that may, for example, arise from the sudden urgency in the delivery of a certain card, we were able to extract the card from its normal circuit and give it a differentiated priority and circuit.

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