Processes Digitalization

E-PINs, as well as digital services in our Customer Communication Management area, are powerful dematerialization tools.

of e-PINs

We can ensure the conversion of the PINs originally generated to e-PINs that can be distributed more efficiently.

Since the e-PIN is distributed via SMS, there is a significant saving in terms of materials (paper and envelope), postage as well as greater efficiency in terms of delivery time and start using the card.

Communications digitalization

The digitization of the communications sent, namely in terms of terms and conditions, allows you to ensure the association of the card to a user and to specific terms and conditions without any margin for error.

Communications Storage

Storage in a secure datacentre of digitized or originally digital communications allows you the security of always having the documentation available and accessible via the web API (App connector).

Card tokenization

With a single set of APIs, it is possible to integrate with different payment schemes and use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay tokens.

Certified E-mails

In many situations sending a registered email can bring enormous efficiency to the process, shortening card activation times, reducing material, printing and postage costs, maintaining all legal validity and significantly increasing the traceability of the status of the process.

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