Card Production

We offer a wide range of options in terms of available cards and personalization formats.

Supply of Cards

We have been partners with GyD, one of the world’s largest producers of smart cards, for over 30 years.

With a wide range of options in terms of materials, finishes and effects and with production for Portugal mainly centralized in Barcelona, ​​it allows approval at the machine exit when necessary. We ensure the follow-up of the production process, delivery and stocks, so you never run out of cards.

Card Personalization

What is done here in our facilities is the personalization of the card, whether physical (PAN; Name, …) or digital (magnetic stripe, chip, …).

In terms of digital personalization, we do the personalization of magnetic stripe, EMV and EMV contactless chips, typically used in bank or loyalty cards as well as RFID antennas most used in identification or access cards.

With regard to the physical component, we do customization using techniques such as embossing, infilling or thermo-printing. More recently we introduced the Durable Graphics option, a customization that offers all the flexibility in terms of location and customization format with a guarantee of durability.

We also have different service levels that allow us to adjust the appropriate execution time to each situation. It is possible to have personalized cards within a few hours in urgent situations.

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