Afraid of change

Raise your arm if you have never been scared by change

Change, be it geographical, in terms of leadership or a simple software version change , can generate anxiety that is not always well received. With all the challenges that it imposes, the routine is something certain and that offers us the peace of mind of knowing what we are going for, and this happens both personally as well as professionally.

The level of security that each change offers us, the impact it has and the ease of implementation, can make it closer to or further from reality.

At the professional level change has the aggravating factor of responsibility, because we are making a decision that does not only affect us, but the whole organisation , and the choice for change will always be more controversial for challenging the installed routine. But the risk of not changing, of accommodation, is also high so it is essential to look for changes with impact, that bring us safety and that do not aggravate the work routine of the organisation .

Let’s take an example from Contisystems to show you what can be an easy and safe change after evaluating the impacts.

A smart card, because it contains personal data, and even financial data in the case of bank cards, is a critical instrument in the relationship with your customer. Ensuring that it is produced, personalised and delivered in complete safe way is of course a major concern and therefore changing supplier at this level may, due to its impact, require a more careful evaluation. However, this change can offer you security if you realize that there are good references and that the process of change is simple and easy.

Replacing the card personalisers for Portuguese issuers is an easy and safe process. In fact, they only must make changes to the contents of the logical file that they send to the data generating entity. This change is made in two fields, in the field related to the personalizing entity that becomes “Contisystems” and in the field that refers to the sending entity of the personalisation file, which is also filled in with another description.

Before sending the logical file to the data generating entity, the issuers must generate, with the same entity, a Transport Key for the new personaliser . This new key will serve to encrypt the sensitive data in the card personalisation file.

Upon receipt of the card personalisation file and the Transport Key and after all the above interactions are guaranteed, Contisystems can then customize the certification test cards that will be delivered to the issuer along with a personalization report.

After the BIN certification process in the respective Brand (VISA or MASTERCARD), during which you will have full support, Contisystems is certified for that specific personalization.

If a new Credit or Debit Card is a challenge for you, let us help you and show you that changing card and personalization provider, or having more than one, is simple and brings you many advantages.

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