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Secure and valuable printing!

Despite the new technologies that have brought online digital solutions to the market, the printing of security and legal documents, such as checks, game cards and tickets or ballot papers, continues to play a significant role in the printing industry.

The printing industry, facing the challenges created by the new technologies over the last 10 years, has responded with technological evolution and with the introduction of new “functionalities” that added value to the printed product, both in terms of safety and customer experience.

In this context, new solutions have been developed combining traditional raw materials such as security and invisible offset inks, which have long been used in the printing of checks as an anti-fraud element, with elements of variable data customization such as QR codes, micro lettering, stamping of holograms or laser micro perforation.

These new solutions enhanced by the cross-over of traditional printing technologies, such as offset or screen printing, and digital printing now allow our industry to offer innovative, high value-added products with high levels of security that can additionally provide users with a valuable Customer Experience recognized for its differentiation and perceived high quality, in different products such as vouchers, tickets, coupons, game and voting cards, checks or the well-known scratch cards.

Printing with value, innovation and safety is one of Contisystems activities. We will continuously monitor developments and respond to new trends in this market.

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