The IPN Innovation Award 2023 is OURS!

But let’s take it slow, we want to share everything with you!

What is the IPN?

IPN is an international organization that brings together renowned entities from around the world with the aim of sharing best practices. It’s a business network of companies that are guided by excellence and innovation, which originated in the graphics industry, but today operate in different areas, namely in the digital transformation of processes and communications. We are very proud to be part of a group of companies that we admire for their journey, results and impact on the community.

What does the Innovation Award mean?

This award distinguishes those who, in such a strong group, stood out due to their strategic choices, namely in terms of the products developed and the processes adopted. In a group that we admire so much, this really fills us with pride and satisfaction!

Why Contisystems?

Pursuing our mission to provide companies with the best service in the management of customer communications, we have been committed to developing, with internal resources and also through strategic alliances with key partners, differentiating services. Products such as the Unicks platform, Registered Emails, Cyberadvisor or the Merece initiative were activities developed with great commitment and dedication by our team to face the challenges that were arising and the trends that it made sense to follow. At the same time, the ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications support quality and security in data processing in the provision of developed services.

Who wins, thanks!

And because any award requires a thank you speech, here is ours: to our employees who put all their effort and motivation into serving our customers; to our customers, who trust us and accept our challenges for continuous improvement in communication with their customers; to IPN: thank you for being such an inspiration and for this wonderful recognition!