Unicks, our new customer communication management platform

Today was the launch of a new brand to showcase the Contisystems Customer Communication Management services. If you were present at the event, thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed it.

If not, don’t worry, our blog subscribers and readers deserve everything, including a summary! And so, here he is.

What is Unicks? 

Unicks is a platform for managing the communication between companies and customers, consisting of modular services. The options and combinations of these modules, often referred to as blocks, adjust to each particular solution. Discover all blocks as well as some sample solutions on the Unicks.com website.

Where does the name Unicks come from?

Unicks comes from Universal Blocks. Blocks that universally address customer communication management needs. See the little animation we have prepared to explain where Unicks came from.

Who is Unicks for?

Because it is highly flexible and modular, Unicks is suitable for countless realities. Discover the sectors section of the Unicks.com website and see some of the most common solutions for the industry in which you work.

Will Unicks replace Contisystems? 

No, Unicks is a brand wholly owned and managed by Contisystems exclusively for Customer Communication Management services. Contisystems remains the name of the company and brand “mother”.

How can I find out more?

We will be happy to give you a presentation or demonstration of our service, talk to us. In the meantime, you can visit us at Unicks.com.