What is FSC?

FSC certification has as its main purpose to encourage forest owners and managers to improve their social and environmental practices, thus contributing to the production of materials in a more sustainable and conscientious way.

At Contisystems, protecting the environment is a concern that is present in all our processes and we want our customers to have ways in which they too can actively contribute to the mission of managing forests sustainably. For this reason, we provide our customers with FSC certified raw materials that we can use for manufacturing our products.

How did FSC certification appear?

The Forest Stewardship Council exists since 1992 and was originally composed of several environmental and human rights organizations with the purpose of improving forest management around the world and encouraging forest owners and managers to improve their social and environmental practices.

FSC certification brings a set of benefits that contribute to the preservation of forest areas, the protection of indigenous peoples, the protection of biodiversity, workers’ rights and the protection of areas of environmental and cultural importance.

What are the principles of FSC?

The FSC is governed by 10 fundamental principles:

  1. Legal compliance: Respect for national laws and international agreements;
  2. Protection of workers’ rights and working conditions;
  3. Recognition and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples;
  4. Relations with communities: safeguarding the well-being of local communities;
  5. Forest benefits: efficient use of forest products and services;
  6. Environmental values ​​and impacts: conservation of ecosystem services;
  7. Forest management planning;
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of forest and forest management;
  9. Protection of High Conservation Values;
  10. Implementation of management captivities

This way we can say that by purchasing products with the FSC symbol you are contributing to the fight against deforestation, environmental degradation and social exclusion.

How do we identify FSC certified material?

Materials and products manufactured under FSC certification standards may, upon customer request, bear the FSC Logo. FSC – STD – 001 V2 standard gathers the requirements that must be met when using FSC trademarks. Contisystems has the following Promotional Logo:

Code C128766 corresponds to Contisystems FSC License.

What type of FSC certification does Contisystems hold?

Custody certification: This certification is awarded to manufacturers, processors and traders of certified products and ensures the traceability of certified materials and products from the forest to the end consumer. FSC Chain of Custody certification ensures that all FSC certified material is tracked throughout the entire production process, from the forest to the consumer.

What FSC claims are most commonly used by Contisystems?

FSC MIX 75%: This category indicates that the product material is composed of a blend of 75% FSC virgin fiber and 25% controlled wood fiber.

FSC Recycled: This material is exclusively composed of recovered or reused fibers.